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Why Shula?

When thinking about what to call my new company, I wanted something quirky, that was personal to me and that actually meant something. That’s a tall order given all the amazing brands that are out there.

So why Shula?

During my extensive musings I tried to think what I would find inspirational. Something impressive. Something that I looked up to.

As a gooner, I obviously thought about the Arsenal invincible season under Arsene Wenger - any manager who takes a team through a season unbeaten is at the pinnacle - but that was a no-goer…. any Arsenal-related or inspired theme would be far too divisive for a UK audience.

So I looked over the pond and my other ‘footballing’ love, the Miami Dolphins. I had a light bulb moment. Like Arsenal, the Dolphins are the only team to have achieved invincibility in the NFL, achieving that great feat in 1972-73 and going on to winning the Super Bowl. The Head Coach at the time? The late Don Shula. A winner. A truly inspirational legend. Someone that achieved the near impossible.

It meant something to me. It inspired a drive and passion. And everyone loves Dolphins, don’t they? (.... unlike Arsenal).

So I knew I was onto something. But I had to do my due diligence.

Shula means ‘Flame’ in Arabic and ‘Peace’ in Hebrew. And that got me connecting the dots. You need a flame, a passion, to do good policy and PR. You need that burning desire to change things for the better and get things done. But you also need to do that in a calm and considered way, to give clients the peace of mind that you are doing the right thing.

That connection. That meaning. That inspiration. That did it for me.

And so Shula PR and Policy was born.

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