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Bringing your corporate positioning, branding and tactical activity together can feel like pushing water up a hill. We know this from decades of sitting on your side of the fence. We’ll get under the skin of your business, understand your key objectives, stakeholders and budget – then shape your corporate communications and advocacy activity to be best in class.


Increasingly companies can make a real difference to the regulatory and political environment within which they operate. Don't get left behind and set, rather than react to, the agenda.

Policy and public affairs

Shape the agenda and get your voice heard.


Pensions and financial services are driven by regulation so it's important to have a seat at the table and be part of the debate.

We can help develop a strong policy narrative with the right messaging, then we'll help you deliver that message with impact.


Whether you want us to do this for you or work with your team and guide them so they can carry the beacon, we can help.

Public relations

You want strong brand presence in the media.


We can help you build and execute a strategic PR and journalist engagement plan that will work wonders for your brand equity. Key to this is cultivating and maintaining relationship so you are the go to people when journalists are looking for insight and analysis.


From prepared articles to ad hoc quotes we’ll develop your strategic approach to getting the most out of the media.


We can deliver it, prepare it, or train

you for it.

Strategic marketing

Defining your goals, messaging and markets are vital to building your external presence.


We’ll delve deep into your aims, audiences and competitors to deliver a strategic marketing plan that’s second

to none.

We work with Untamed Marketing to provide an integrated marketing, PR, policy and public affairs solution. So we can do it for you, or work closely with in house teams to deliver that extra capacity to get stuff done.

The story

A self-confessed pensions geek, with a passion for creating a better, simpler more engaging industry; Darren jumped with both feet out of client-side roles in June 2022. He just wanted to try something different and help different organisations achieve their policy, PR and strategic marketing aims. Knowing each and every pitfall that side-lines internal teams from getting stuff over the line – he created Shula to help those teams make meaningful corporate communications happen. The rest…as they say…is history.

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